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Enjoy real movie magic in Amsterdam!

With a self-guided walking tour for your smartphone

MovieWalks is the number one provider of self-guided film walking tours. With the most extensive database of exact movie locations worldwide, we create walks to allow everyone to enjoy movies and cities in an affordable, engaging, educational, and interactive way.

'Walking in the footsteps of your favourite movie stars… What is there more to wish for? Best walking tour ever!'

- Jeroen -

'It was so cool to recognise all those places from films and series and explore the city through different eyes.'

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'Right on the spot information on your smartphone. Is it super easy to do and a great way to discover a city!'

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With movies and series like
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3 main features of our self-guided walking tour

IPhone Amsterdam Map

It guides you along film locations

Experience the true magic of the movies as you walk by the city's famous and lesser-known iconic places where films and series were shot!

IPhone Amsterdam Location

It gives you information on site

You'll receive on-the-spot footage of famous movies and series and interesting trivia about the scenes that were filmed at that particular location.

IPhone Amsterdam PhotoChallenge

It makes you feel like a real moviestar

You can recreate iconic scenes from your favorite movies and TV shows with yourself as the star! Not only fun to do but also a fantastic memento!

MW Amsterdam Rijksmuseum
Walk within a few minutes!
Only € 19,90

Why choose MovieWalks?

 It is such fun 

Not only will you explore cities in a unique way, but you can also recreate famous scenes with our photo challenge.

In your time

Go from buying to walking within a few minutes. No need for reservations. Start whenever you want.

 Great value

With our self-guided walking tours you get on-the-spot footage, and trivia about the scenes shot at that specific location for only € 19,90.

At your pace

Enjoy it at your own pace. Stop whenever you like to look around, or have a drink. Most people walk for between 2 and 3 hours.

Movie magic

Discover places (again) by walking in the footsteps of famous movie stars and enjoy the real movie magic.

 With your people

There is no need to join another group. You can walk alone, with friends, colleagues, or family. You choose!

So much movie magic in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has served as the backdrop for numerous movies and series. Witness the filming locations of famous productions such as Hitman’s Bodyguard, Sense8, The Fault in our Stars, Killing Eve, Ocean's Twelve, Diamonds are Forever, Ted Lasso, and many others.

MW Amsterdam The Fault in our stars Bench PhotoChallenge

The Fault in Our Stars at Leidsegracht in Amsterdam © TSG Entertainment, Fox 2000 Pictures, Temple Hill Entertainment

MW Amsterdam Ted Lasso Raamgracht

Ted Lasso at Raamgracht in Amsterdam © Doozer, Warner Bros. Television, Universal Television, Ruby's Tuna

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Walk in the footsteps of famous movie stars with our self-guided tours for your smartphone.


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